Costa Mesa: Creme Tangerine Records

While checking out the Lab shopping area recently i came across several old Airstream rv’s being used as stores including the one below call Creme Tangerine. The store might be small but they had a pretty good selection of vinyl records at good prices as well as some cassettes. 

Creme Tangerine, Costa Mesa

Vinyl records sales amazingly have seen a sales uptick as people are at home more but also because a whole new generation is finding out about vinyl records. For many purists vinyl records are best way to listen to music. I wish i still had a record player and, if i did i would have made a purchase here as there was several records that interested me, plus supporting independent record stores is always good.

Creme Tangerine, Costa Mesa
End view showing the entrance to Urban Outfitters

Some modern artists are also having their record companies release special edition vinyl records which is great for collectors. Creme Tangerine as you can see from the picture is located in the entrance way to Urban Outfitters the funky store that has stuff you don’t need but have to buy.

Location: 2930 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Courtesy Costa Mesa

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