Talks Resume Today In Bus Strike

November 5th 2022: After the OC Bus mechanics and service workers walked off the job Wednesday the countywide bus system has been shut down. There have been no talks since then between the mechanics Teamster union and the Orange Country Transit Authority (OCTA) that run the buses.

Starting today at 11 am and continuing daily through Monday talks resume and hopefully progress can be made on the main issue in the strike health insurance benefits. Hopefully the talks are fruitful and the employees can get back to work as its the 100,000 daily riders most of low income that are suffering at the moment.

Originally when the strike started it was supposed to be 96 hours which would mean it would end at 4 pm Sunday giving time for the service to restart Monday morning. But since the original announcement the union has said this might not be the case, hopefully for everyone involved this is the case and, a deal can be reached to get the buses running again Monday.

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