The OC Bus Strike Is Finally Over

December 13th 2022: There is good news for the 100,000 daily riders of the OC Bus with the announcement from the Orange County Transportation Authority that a new contract has been signed with the maintenance and service workers. The announcement means there will be no further strike action by the union members which had stopped all OC Bus routes for four days.

The new deal with the union was after months of contract negotiations and was ratified by the union members this past weekend and approved on Monday by the OCTA’s board of directors. The new deal means the threats by the union of short notice walk outs halting the bus service is over. The news of the new contract is good news for the daily riders many of whom are low income and, use OC Bus to get to work, school or other important appointments.

OC Bus At Huntington Beach
OC Bus At Huntington Beach Transit Center

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