Newport Beach Annual Christmas Boat Parade

December 14th 2022: It’s that time of year again as the Christmas boat parades return up and down the Orange County coast. One of the largest is the Newport Beach Boat parade which starts tonight and runs through Sunday.

The parade begins at 6:30 pm tonight and every night the Christmas decorated boats make their way slowly around the tip of Lido Isle and around the harbor. Some of the boats have basic decorations other have elaborate displays on the boats which vary in size from a rowboat up to a large yacht.

ship decorated with garlands moored on pier
Photo by Erik Mclean on

Tips: If you are planing on checking out the parade i would suggest a jacket or sweater as even though it might be warm during the day temperatures drop quickly at night this time of the year.

Also if you plan on taking pictures or video i would experiment with your phone or camera before you get there; Night photos are not the easiest to take so some practice seeing results ahead of time might be the best.

If you have a flat area to watch the parade from bring your chairs and blankets but remember these areas can fill up so get there early.

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