Arsenio’s Mexican Food In Santa Ana

January 18th 2023: Arsenio’s Mexican Food in Santa Ana is a part of a chain of eighteen restaurants across Southern California. The locations were often former locations of chain restaurants so they vary in size. The Costa Mesa location for example was a former original style Taco Bell location with very little inside seating and a small amount outside.

The location I visited in Santa Ana on Harbor & Mc Fadden is big with lots of seating inside and out as well as a children’s play area which I’m sure is closed under the current situation. Lots of fast food non chain restaurants type to cater to a tradition America audience with things like burgers as well as Hispanic food but Arsenio’s is just a huge menu with Mexican food.

The extensive menu includes the tradition Mexican food options as well as some of the more Americanized versions. A big part of the menu is various combo plates about which come with a drink. I instead opted for the Chicken Wet Burrito below which was as you can see in the picture was big and a good amount of food.

Arsenio’s Mexican Food

The chicken inside the burrito was tender and flavorful, on top as you can see in the picture is their sauce as well as cheese, sour cream and guacamole maybe not the healthiest meal but it tasted really good. On one side of the burrito was salsa which was fine; On the their side of the burrito was shredded lettuce which seamed a waste to me but oh well. The burrito was really good i will definitely try more of Arsenio’s menu next time I’m in the area.

Location: 751 South Harbor Blvd, Santa Ana CA 92704

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