Parking At Angel Stadium Of Anaheim Doubles

April 5th 2023: Its going to cost you much more to park at Anaheim Stadium to see an Angel game as parking prices have increased. The previous price to see a game was $10 but this price has now doubled to $20 to park for a game.

If you are season ticket holder you can still park at $10 this also applies for current mini seat plan holders. A one hundred percent increase in the parking fee is a huge increase especially for a team that has struggled to fill the ballpark after many years of not so great performance.

The Angels defended the increase by saying parking at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles is $27 per game. The Los Angeles Dodgers over many recent years has been a far more successful team than the Angels so using that justification for doubling the price of parking overnight seems a little hollow.

Anaheim Stadium Sign

By the way the OC Insider Now website calls the Anaheim base baseball team the Angels not the Los Angeles Angels; The simple reason is because the team is in the city of Anaheim in Orange County not in Los Angeles which is thirty five miles north of Orange County.

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