My name is Paul Anstey i originally was born in England and moved to Orange County when i was sixteen in the mid eighties yes I’m old it happens. Anyway Orange County has changed a lot since i moved here some good things some bad but its still a really special place to live.

Thanks for taking the time to read this website the place for residents and visitors to Orange County, California. Orange County is an amazing place from the miles of amazing beaches the diverse neighborhoods of cities such as Santa Ana, Westminster, as well as Garden Grove to the theme parks Knott’s Berry Farm, California Adventure and the only theme park Walt Disney walking in Disneyland.

Politically Orange County was a Republican stronghold but now its firmly Democratic some things change but the county that gave us Gwen Stefani, Michelle Pfeiffer also gave us John Wayne and television shows such as The OC and the original housewives show the Real Housewives Of Orange County. 

Orange County also has often played second fiddle to the news and television stations in Los Angeles to the north yes there is the Orange County Register newspaper but like all newspapers its struggle as has the Los Angeles Times which has less of a Orange County presence than it once did. 

This website isn’t going to be the place for crime stories but it will cover issues that mater here Orange County as well as share news, reviews and information for the great residents of Orange County and hopefully provide useful information to visitors to the county.

Paul Anstey

Owner & Editor of OC Now Insider