Top Three Orange County Vlogs

Southern California is home to more than the usual amount of video bloggers maybe its the sun and lifestyle but there is so many choices. In Orange County it gets a little easier than Los Angeles but there is still so many choices. To help you decide where to start below i have put three Orange County vlogs I regularly watch.

The Daily Woo:

Adam the Woo has had a long running vlog on You Tube if you are from California he has a style like the late great Hugh Howser who passed away in 2013. He is not quite so folksy as Hugh Howser but Adam the Woo has a similar storytelling style where he details his adventures.

Adam lives in Orange as well as going back and forth to Florida where he has family. Adam is a big Disney fan so you will often see him at Disneyland and Disney World but also he likes movies so he visits movie filming locations, as well as an interest in Route 66 history. Adam also will often start a series of videos such as recent ones like visiting fast food chains, or the current Halloween at theme parks or Angel and Rays baseball series.


Justin Scarred is next up he is also from the city of Orange and yes him and Adam The Woo are friends and occasionally appear in each other’s videos. Justin has a little quirky presenting style that maybe not for everyone but i always find him entertaining.

Justin has also been a Orange County vlogger for a long time with his Randomland channel and some of his content is very much like Adams but whereas Adam is a DIsney and movie fan and a little Route 66 fan, Justin Scarred is a huge Route 66 fan so you will often see videos about the legendary road.

You will also see Disney theme parks content in his videos as well as other stuff, if his style is a little unusual at first stay with it you will enjoy his content.

Welcome To The OC Bitches

So whereas my first two picks were travel vlogs my third pick is the vlog for the Welcome to the OC Bitches podcast. The show is hosted by two of the starts stars of the OC the 90’s teen soap opera set in Orange County. I liked the show because it was well written and acted also being about Orange County was kind of cool as i live here.

The show is hosted by Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke and they are going through the episodes one at a time with actors or actresses from the show or other people involved in the production or fans of the show. The hosts and guest rewatch the show before the podcast and then share opinions , reviews or back stuff about the episode.

The show occasionally wanders away from the OC in to general acting stuff or other shows but is bast when they are talking about the episode or the show. The show might not be for everyone but i was a fan of the OC so i find it interesting check it out when you can.

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